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Handling the Word of God Deceitfully

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

By Dr. Mickey Carter

Handling the Word of God Deceitfully
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Handling the Word Deceptively

By Dr. Mickey Carter

I believe that we are pretending in fundamentalism that we believe in the preservation of God’s Word, when really, we are going along with much deception. Many preach and write defending the A.V. (KJV), and rightly so. However, they look the other way when the liberals mutilate it in other languages.

Students of the Bible know that, historically, there are basically only two Bible trails or trees, etc. While there are no “original manuscripts” existing anywhere (the liberal hates to admit this), there are clearly two trails of manuscripts manifested in fragments, copies, quotes, etc. These trails are called by many labels such as “Received Text,” and the “Critical Text.” There is much material and written proof of the Bible perverters. The two main ones that are being followed by the new Bible publishers are Westcott and Hort. Every Bible-believing preacher should be familiar with these corruptors, as well as with Eugene Nida, who took the virgin birth out of the RSV. He also was on the 1960 Spanish revision some try to defend today. The problem is not that the information is not available, but that too many independent Baptist preachers think they are only required to holler out in a sermon once in a while that they are “King James.” I realize many went to a college that didn’t expose them to good teaching on this subject, yet, that alone is not a reason with so many resources available for study today.

Due to us being asleep, we have allowed the liberal American Bible Society and others to place the Critical Text in many languages. Because of this, we now have the phenomenon of missionaries passing out to their congregations Bibles that are perverted and do not say what the missionary is preaching. For example, the missionary is preaching salvation by grace alone and eternal security, yet, the perverted Bibles, following the Westcott-Hort Text, is teaching the opposite. Many other examples could be used. Adding insult to this is the fact that often Bible printers, along with those who raise funds for the printing, are getting their money from KJV Bible believers and pastors who would never give to the cause of printing an RSV or NIV in English. The argument is made that it does not matter for evangelism’s sake. This is a very near-sighted argument and flies in the face of sound missionary work. How can the longevity of sound doctrine be expected to survive when the common laity have a perverted Bible to read? I have said it before, but we preachers need to get our heads out of the sand and quit being P.C., and I don’t mean “politically correct,” but “popularity correct” fearing the lost favor of the brethren.

Preachers, I believe the “Laodicean Age” is upon us when we hear and let criticisms of God’s Word from some once Bible-believing ministries go unanswered. I am glad for all those who are speaking out, putting their convictions for God’s preserved Word ahead of the popularity and so-called higher learning that is using God’s Word deceptively.

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