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What is the RGV?

The RVG means Reina Valera Gómez. The RVG Bible is a revision of the Old 1909 edition of the Spanish Bible known as the Reina-Valera. Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera were the 2 Protestant reformers who produced what has become the standard of the Spanish Bible text since 1602.


Thank God for the valuable efforts of these great men of God! Through their sacrifices the Hispanic world was finally able to have God's precious words in their own language. However, despite Reina and Valera's meticulous work, there was still work to be done. Valera himself wanted even more revision of his own work. In the preface to his revision in 1602, Valera wrote:


"It pleases God for his infinite mercy that he inspired in the heart of the King to send to his shores to gather pious and learned men in the Hebrew and Greek languages ​​who would see and revise this translation of the Bible: who with a pious and sincere spirit, who desire to serve God, and do good to their nation, proclaim and confront it with the Hebrew text that God dictated to his holy Prophets before the coming of Christ, and with the Greek text that He himself dictated to his holy Apostles and Evangelists afterwards of the coming of Christ in the flesh ”.


However, after 1602 something happened; Modernist, apostate, and ecumenical biblical societies got their hands on our Protestant Bible that came from the Received Text and corrupted it by applying the corrupt Alexandrian text of Egypt.


For example, Eugenio Nida, the leader chosen by the Reina-Valera review committee in 1960, confessed:


"However in some cases, when the critical text is preferable over the Textus Receptus (Received Text) the committee made a few small changes, particularly if these changes were not in well-known verses ..." [1]


Also Dr. José Flores, who was the president of the Spanish Bible Society and one of the consultants of the RV 1960 revision committee, reveals not only the incorporation of the Critical Text, but also translations in English based on the Critical Text. He adds:


"A principle added to the first list of the RV1960 revision committee was that wherever the RV (1909) departed from the Textus Receptus to follow a better text, we did not return to the Receptus. Point 12 of the working principle states : in cases where there is a doubt about the correct translation of the original, we preferentially consult the English Revised Version of 1885 (English Revised Version), the American Standard Version 1901 (American Standard Version) and the Standard Revised Version of 1946 (Revised Standard Version) and the International Critical Commentary. " [two]


We believe that the readings according to the Critical Texts are corrupt. The Reina-Valera Gómez edition was an effort to eliminate these corruptions and replace them with pure readings according to the Received Texts. The leader of this review was Dr. Humberto Gomez.

Dr. Gomez, a native of Mexico, is a Baptist preacher. He has served as a missionary to his own people, and the Aztec Indians in the mountains of Mexico, for more than 40 years. He simply revised the 1909 edition of the Reina Valera to totally eradicate all the corruption of the Critical Texts and bring it more in line with the Received Texts just like the King James Bible.


The Spanish basis of the RVG was the Reina-Valera edition known as the 1909 Antigua. Hispanic Fundamentalism was established by this version. Therefore, the RVG is essentially the Old 1909 version of the Reina-Valera, minus the Critical Text. The first edition was printed in 2004. The last edition was printed in 2010.


Although it is a new revision, it has been much fruit in several Spanish-speaking countries around the world with saved souls, established churches, and more preachers trained for the ministry of the gospel.


The RVG is not a new translation. It is a revision. There is a difference between translation and proofreading. It is not a King James in Spanish but as a result of its conformity to pure Traditional Texts, the RVG is more equivalent to the King James Bible than any other Spanish Bible. And this makes sense because although there are certain readings that cannot be the same literally 100% in another language, at least they can be in harmony because God is not the author of confusion. The

Word of God IS the Word of God in any language!


The RVG is the Spanish Bible that we use and recommend. We believe that it is the purest edition of the beloved Reina-Valera. Information about this Bible can be found throughout this website. Enjoy yourselves and may God bless you richly and abundantly!



[1] The Biblical Translator, Vol.12, No.3, 1961, pg. 113

[2] The New Testament Text, CLIE 1977, by Dr. José Flores pg. 323

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