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What manuscripts are behind your Bible?


Have you ever wondered why Bible versions can be so 

different? Why do some people insist on using one version over the other? Does it really matter what version of the Bible we use? How does a missionary know what is the best version to use in a different language? Has the original text of the Bible been lost or has it been preserved for us today? The answers  may surprise you. 


This understandable book will help you to...


-Understand the two basic types of Bibles in all languages

-Understand which lines of manuscripts are reliable 

-Know how to select the correct Bible in any language

-See the disputed readings in both English and Spanish Bibles

-See the actual evidence that the true text  has not been lost

-Strengthen your faith in God’s amazing Word!

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This study is being presented so that anyone who speaks English can easily understand many of the problems that have entered into the Spanish Bible because of a corrupt text. The information shared in this booklet is meant to be used a tool and not a weapon. We believe that everyone should have the privilege and blessing of having the best version of the Bible available in their native language. My prayer is that this study will be received in the humble spirit in which it is presented. May God bless each of those who read it with a heart for the purity of God’s Holy Word.

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